2: Darlington to Peterson Mtn Shelter

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up early but just…can’t get up? You’re just exhausted and sniffly and over it? That was me today. I stayed in bed maybe 3 hours after I first woke up. 
I was on trail by 7:30 though. And it was WINDY. 

The trail was beautiful, with fall leaves and cool winds and just enough sun. I loved it. 

Do you look at these pictures and wish you were here? I wish you were here!

That’s not to say it was ALL perfect. Pennsylvania loves rocks. Steep rocks. 

Flat rocks. 

Stair rocks. 

Water rocks. 

Medium rocks. 

Big rocks. 

Table rock!

Alllll sorts of rocks. They like rocks so much that I stopped for lunch at the Doyle in Duncannon, even though I was tying to make good time today. 

Whatever. I was hungry and I wanted a Coke. 

And I stopped for a break on the blowdown. Sometimes you just need to sit and you might as well sit when you’re crawling over a tree anyways. 

I made it to the shelter before dark, of course, and found a friendly group of sectioners. I had to climb down more rock steps to get water from a dripping water source, then climb back up, and I was exhausted after that. 

I ate dinner, and then, of course, my work never ends. 
It was time to do some homework. 

Today was a good day. It wasn’t perfect. My feet hurt and I had some blisters to drain and I’m tired and I still have more homework to do…but it was good. 
Miles: 22.3
MVP: Coke and chicken fingers

LVP: it’s so cold. I’m in my bag with all my clothes on and I’m still cold. Time for a winter bag!!

One thought on “2: Darlington to Peterson Mtn Shelter

  1. When I first saw these posts (yesterday’s) I thought you were wearing a”Make America Great Again” hat. The one you have makes more sense 😃. Thinking of you as you enjoy the trail!

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