Who is Birthday Girl?

Hey- and thanks for spending time with me! I’m an engineering student who spends all her free time in the woods, sometimes doing homework, but usually just walking.

Birthday Girl isn’t my real name, of course. It’s my trail name- a special name given to me by people I met on the Appalachian Trail. For that story, you can go here. When I’m hiking, my trail name is the only name I use. I introduce myself with it, I sign shelter logs with it…it’s my entire identity. I think I have a pretty good name.

I haven’t always been Birthday Girl, though, and I haven’t always been a hiker. For the origin story, I suppose you could start in January, with my first section hike (here) or read the short version, on the anniversary of my very first backpacking trip (which wasn’t on the AT at all), here.

As for my style: I probably fall somewhere in the lightweight backpacking camp. Sometimes it gets a little stupid lightweight, but that’s ok. I like adventure. I like to go far, and I like to go fast. How far? So far, my record is 32 miles in one day (read about that here).

I fit in all of these section hikes around school and sometimes work (I spent the summer working in Georgia). Sometimes I write about my feelings, sometimes I don’t. For the most part, my happiness in life comes from making unexpectedly good grades on tests, drinking cokes, and walking sweet trail, however I might define it that day. And, above all, making incredible friends on the trail.

I hope you’ll join me for my next walk!