The Plan

Tomorrow I’ll head out on The Big Hike. Dad will shuttle me; we’ll drop my car off at US Forest Service Rd 42 just a mile north of Springer Mountain. This is the beginning (generally) of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia but this time I’ll be hiking south, so I’ll be ending there. I’ll have to double back to my car.

After we drop from my car, we’ll drive another 2.5 hours north to Tellico Gap in Franklin, NC. Dad plans to hike a mile or so with me then turn around and head home. I’ll only have 8 miles to go before I hit my first shelter of the trip. Here’s the entire itinerary:

Every night I plan to stay in a shelter except one night– I’ll be camping at a tent site close to the Top of Georgia hostel where I’ll do my resupply, right in the middle of the hike. I’m a little unsure of what I’ll find at the resupply. I’m probably a bit overpacked on food. Here’s generally what I have, although I’ve amended it some:

We’ll see how it goes. At least I won’t be cold at night.

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