12: Wilbur clearing to Kay wood shelter 

It was raining when I woke up. Sunshine and Skye had told me it would rain all morning, so I figured I might as well get going. 

I made the climb up Mt Greylock in the rain. I sat in the Thubderbolt warming shelter for a while, warming up. 

Rain jacket was clearly effective. 

There wasn’t much to see. 
I hiked on, and on, and on. It eventually stopped raining. The day warmed up…rather dramatically. I stopped in a gas station for some food and batteries (for what I thought was a dead headlamp but it turns out it wasn’t; thanks headlamp). I had a nice chat with a NOBO and then headed out. 

It was hot and sweaty and I wasn’t quite sure of where I was going to end up tonight. I sat down to look at the numbers. And then I hiked on. 

I made it to Kay Woods shelter around 7. One SOBO here- I’d met him with carpenter at Peru peak. The rest of the shelter is full of NOBOs. Tomorrow is the cookie lady and upper goose pond cabin. 
I love Massachusetts. I would write more, but New England has tons of little free libraries and I picked up a GOOD book today that I’m dying to read. So I’m going to read it. Thanks for being so generous, New England!
Miles: 23.5

Trip total: 171.4

MVP: phone call to my older sister. My nephew is loving kindergarten!!

LVP: fell down today and rolled ankles a few times. Pretty clumsy. 

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