4: in transit

I’m 6.3 miles from the NC/GA border. I wasn’t supposed to hit Georgia today, astute readers who also look up AT maps might notice. But I got it in my head last night that I’d make it to Georgia and my resupply tonight and now…now I want to do it.

I guess that’s kind of typical for me. My dad said “hey, go back to school and study engineering” so I did. On my second (ever!) backpacking trip with Stewart I met a woman at a shelter who asked if I liked backpacking and I said yes. We talked about trips and she suggested I section hike Georgia southbound and…here I am.

So instead of 11 or 12 miles today I’m looking at 20something. It’ll be a new record, but then again, I’m breaking records every day now, aren’t I? Longest backpacking trip ever every night now.

I might stay at plum orchard shelter or I might stay at the hostel. Every part of me is covered in snot. In those historical (romance) novels I read they always talk about “natural odors” and how pleasant they are. Mine is not. Also I did not sleep well in 19*F weather. Not at all. The thru hiker I shared the shelter with slept like a rock, but I was awake most of the night.

We’ll see. For now, I’m looking forward to Georgia.

And literally taking a break on the trail.
current MVP: both knees!

Current LVP: the third verse to Ben folds’ Army. Can’t remember it.

Number of nails broken: 8

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