6-8: Field to DWG 

6: Field to Delaware Water Gap
We all got up to watch the sun rise together. It wasn’t much to see, but just that time sitting in a field with friends, quietly eating breakfast, while we watched the sky change…well, it’s a good way to wake up. 

We packed up quickly and started the walk to town. Six miles would get us into Delaware Water Gap for a plate of hot food and a shower. 
The trail turned beautiful just before DWG. Rhodo tunnels, water, soft trail…the temperature dropped 10 degrees there. 

We saw a sign for trail magic but didn’t go in. Breakfast was calling. 

We dropped off packs and claimed bunks at Church of the Mountain, where they let hikers stay for a small donation. French Dip (Zach) and I headed down into town for breakfast while the others showered. I had skipped breakfast. 

After we ate, we took showers in the tiny (free!) shower. Here’s before and after:

Cleaned up, it was time to check out the outfitter. I wanted new tips on my poles and a tshirt to sleep in. We signed the board there

Then it was back to the hostel for dessert from the bakery. 

At 6pm sharp, the church served us dinner. It was a potluck with tons and tons of food. We sat at tables with the church members and chatted about different things. French Dip and I sat with a family– two little girls, their mom, and her parents. It was nice to be so intergenerational. And it made me miss my parents and grandmother. 

The church had a thriving ministry for hikers. They never planned the food and they never knew how many hikers would come, but they’ve always had enough to eat. 
The night was special to me. I’ve been in the church so long, and I’ve been on the other side of some ministries like that. But to be the one receiving the kindness, and to be the outsider welcomed in…well, that is truly special. I hope y’all remember this next time you’re dreading some volunteer project or potluck dinner. Those moments of fellowship, feeling immediately part of a church family, those are memories I’ll always keep. 

We sat in the lounge after dinner and let our food settle. Disco curled up on my feet as we chatted into the night. 

Miles: 6

MVP: dinner

LVP: rocks 
Day 7: Zero Day
FD and I had decided to zero, along with Moss and a couple of other flip floppers. We started with breakfast, then slowly started gathering our clothes to go to the laundromat. I stopped to play with Disco while Moss gathered up his stuff for us to wash with ours. 

We grabbed a ride with Yes Man and Peacewalker…and their bike. We yoga-ed ourselves into the trunk and set off for Walmart to resupply. 

And then a quick mile walk to the laundromat, where we settled in with snacks and cokes. 

We caught an uber back, and the dude had a tiny decrepit 25 year old dog with him. She was blind and half deaf and completely calm. It was bizarre. 

We bucket washed the clothes we’d been wearing at the hostel. 

And then Moss and I went down to the post office. I decided to send home my puffy and my leggings to try and lighten my pack weight. 

Next was sycamore grill for time with fellow hikers. 

We moved on to Minisink Tavern for dinner and pool. 

And then back to the hostel (another flip flopper, PK, and I stopped off for ice cream). 
And then into bed to sleep. 
Miles: 0! 

MVP: clean laundry

LVP: lost at pool 
8: DWG to Tentsite
It was raining in the morning. FD and I had planned to hit the trail early, but instead we grabbed breakfast and waited out the rain. 

A long bridge walk took us into New Jersey!! I’ve officially finished Pennsylvania! 

Eventually we started the climb up into NJ. It wasn’t bad, but there were lots of gnats and day hikers. 

And there were still rocks. 

But the views got better. 

I’ve been living in the forest for a while now, off and on. It’s finally warm enough to just lay on the ground for a break. So I did. 

I contemplated the views. 

And then I died dramatically. 

A great gravel road down from a fire tower put us at some interesting tent sites. This area was originally going to be developed for houses, but the land was bought before the houses were built. The partially cleared “lawns” made for great tent sites though. We did some stretching and some foot elevation. 

And then I put on my new camp clothes, courtesy of DWG. 

Moss joined us, with Disco, and after a quick dinner I went to hang the bear bag line. I did this hang in only 3 tries! 

Then into my tent. I was asleep in 2 minutes flat. 

Miles: 13.4

MVP: state line!

LVP: rocks. 

3 thoughts on “6-8: Field to DWG 

  1. Congrats on completing Rocksavania!

    P.S – I’m “that person” who reads the blog out of date order sometimes (depending on my work travel schedule) many months after it was initially posted. That’s okay just gives me a chance to enjoy it while I’m stuck inside in January with 9- 20 degree weather where I live. 🙂

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