3: Sarver Hollow Shelter to Catawba (VA 411)

You may be surprised to read this, but I slept exceptionally well. 
Barry was up and saying goodbye while I was still getting my crap together inside the tent. Which is code for “not doing much of anything.”

It was breakfast to go and then back on the trail. The rocky trail. Remember how the rocks were supposed to be a Pennsylvania thing? Ha. 

Eventually I made it to Dragon’s Tooth. I know SarTec and Gonzo have both climbed to the top of that rock but 1. I am afraid of heights and 2. Those dudes both were former marines and could do like…a billion pull-ups and 3. I did not want to die and 4. There was no one to take my picture if I did make it, so it just really did not seem worth the risk. 

As it turns out, the trail going down was risky enough. 

Hello yes I am now evidently a mountain goat. 

At some point, after I battled tourists for trail domination, I found a rock I would climb. This picture is intentionally staged to be much more impressive than it actually was. 

Look! I’m an incredible rock climber!! 

Jk I just sat and drank a boatload of water. 

So, the downhill didn’t stop. This section was just…ugh. I’d have preferred sobo. 

Eventually I made it to sweeter trails. And!! Here’s something neat- I took a picture of this water wheel, and then in my turbomachinery class on Monday, learned that it’s a Pelton Wheel! Look- my notes prove that I’ve learned this!

There’s nothing quite like walking through a pasture. I love it. The grass, the sky, the cow poop…it’s like that Microsoft desktop background from ages ago. So relaxing. 

Unfortunately, that’s another long stretch of direct sunlight, and friends, I was a pink little lobster at this point! 

It was back into the woods for some more climbing (and complaining, if you’re me), and then down to the parking lot. 

Another section done, and only 60 miles left in VA. 

I’ve started a post on some favorite (surprising) gear, so I’ll get that up soon. And in just a few weeks I will hopefully be on trail again– to finish up the northern bit of trail! Port Clinton to the Connecticut state line. The only thing holding me back is, uhhh, applied machine design 🙂

In the meantime, happy trails, my friends. Don’t forget to pick up your litter, drink plenty of water, and wear a hat. 

Miles: 12?

Trip total: 32.6
MVP: Benadryl. For sleeping 🙂

LVP: sunburn. Sock tan lines 😦

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