3: groundhog creek to standing bear

I woke up this morning and…I was lazy. How lazy? I could reach my food bag from bed so I ate breakfast in bed. 
Then I was still lazy so I “let things dry” in the sun for a while. The dew point was crazy last night so everything WAS wet. That’s what I get for camping in a valley next to a creek. 

I also let my feet enjoy the sun and the slightly warmer temperatures. 

Eventually carpenter told me to get my butt in gear, and that a shower awaited me at Standing Bear, so I packed up and headed out. 


The first few miles were SLOW. What a slog. I sat down and finished my caffeine water and had a snack and then powered through. 

I enjoyed snowbird peak. 

I studied this broken hiking pole to determine what kind of material failure it experienced. 

(I do believe this was ductile failure.)
Ran into some section hikers and then a former thru hiker named Two Putt (just stay on par). I chatted with him for a bit, then walked on to standing bear. 
I was greeted by Lumpy, who gave me the nickel tour then invited me for a drink, since he’d been painting. I didn’t question his logic. We chatted over a slowly-sipped shot of bourbon, then I went back to the bunk house and petted Sylvester the cat before going for my shower. 

After a steaming hot shower, I chatted with Drifter and, eventually, Robyn. We talked about possums and walking and all sorts of things next to the giant wood heater. 

I’m now in the kitchen cooking a pizza. I’m chatting with Gator, who is friends with Carpenter and Gonzo, and Drifter, who does not know them but who is nice all the same. It’s nice to have connections with people. There is ostensibly wifi but I haven’t been able to connect, so I’ll have to hope I can post this some time tomorrow during my horrible intense climb into the smokies. Seriously. Look at this. I’m going all the way to the right in one day. Ugh. Do I hate myself? 

No. I love myself, and that’s why I give myself the present of exploration and adventure and challenge and blah blah blah. 
Here’s to warmer days soon!!

MVP: uhhh hot water
LVP: cool ranch Doritos because I don’t have any and I really want some. 

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